Does acetone remove hair extensions?

Usually, the hair extensions are made of synthetic material or real human hair. They are applying to the hair by using different procedures including heat and bonding material.

When it comes to removing the hair extensions, it is essential to remember that you do not need to damage your hair while doing it. Also, these hair extensions are very fun, especially they allow you to have from short to long hair within a short period.

When you apply hair extensions, you could spend more time and also put more effort. Likewise, you should take extra care when remove hair extensions with acetone and want to be very cautious too.

After hair extensions has been removed, many individuals will require to have their hair trimmed at least a few. Once you have removed the hair extensions completely, you must comb over your hair thoroughly to loosen and then shed any extensions, which were not removed. After that, you need to shampoo your hair and follow with a deep conditioner to wash your hair fully.


Steps to remove hair extensions with acetone

As like proper installation is important while applying for hair extensions, removing extensions are also much essential to take care of. This is because; you might damage extensions due to improper removal that leads to cause breakage, shedding and other issues as well. Here are the simple steps for removing hair extensions with acetone that include:

  • Initially, you need split your hair into four equivalent quadrants
  • Isolate a fusion-bonded hairpiece nearest the bottom of a quadrant
  • Safe the rest of hair in a section by using the hair clip
  • Soak a cotton pad in acetone
  • Cover a cotton pad around the bond
  • Hold it in a place until the bond becomes soft and bendable
  • Squeeze a loosened bond flat by using a pair of needle-nose pliers
  • Repeat this until the bond breaks and free from hair
  • Continue to work all the four quadrants
  • Finally, wash and deep condition your hair

How to successfully remove hair extensions?

In the removal of the hair extension process, the only method to chemically eradicate the acrylic hair extension epoxy resin is with acetone. When the adhesive is drenched with chemical, it will easily release and the extensions can be simply dragged out of your hair.

However, the mixing of acetone and dragging can cause breakage as well as weaken your hair. For obtaining the best possible outcomes, you can approach the professionals to get rid of hair extensions using acetone and reduce the impending for exclusive damage.


Thus, additional care is more essential for removing hair extension. You need to be careful while removing the extensions; because the acetone used for this removing process will cause split ends and damage your hair easily.