Cab blue denim dyed black?

Maintaining your cloth colour is really a tricky task and here are few steps that you have to follow for dye blue jeans black and make them to sparkle as like a glittering star.

Tips that you should follow to make your jeans to sparkle

Before starting to blue denim dyed black process, remove any visible stain on the jeans. It would help for achieving the uniform color result while you are dying.

For better result, there is a need for you to prewash them in the warm soap water and this would help for removing out any finishes, which might interfere with any absorptions.

There is a need for you to cover out your working area with the help of plastic table and have the plastic towels handy for protecting against any possible spills.

It is recommended for you to wear out the rubber gloves for protecting out your hands from getting out the stained and for insulate them when you are working along with hot water.

It is required for you to fill out the plastic container or the stainless steel and sink them with three gallons of hot water.

There it is required for you to fill out the enough water for the jeans and move freely.

It is better when the water level is maintained ideally by 140 degree F.

When the tap water is not too hot it is required for you to heat them through keeping in the stove.

For enhancing out the color, it is required for you to add one cup of the salt along with it.

In additional to that add 1 teaspoon of dish detergent for promoting the level of dyeing.

There is a need for you to recommend using ½ cup of the liquid dyeing denim black for better results.

Before dipping, there is a need for you to test out the color through sinking a normal towel into the dye bath.

In case, when the color is too low then there is a need for you add more powder and mix the water.

Wet the jeans and add the dye bath, stir slowly once the process gets completed rinse in cool water until it rinse after that wash in warm water in a mild detergent and rinse after that dry it.



Through doing as like these you can make your jeans turn smarter and after wearing that you would turn prettier. You can choose the best dye for getting best results.